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Who Do You Think You Are?

Well maybe you’re not “Mr. Big Stuff”, but the question deserves a bit of contemplation. It has been said that we are the culmination of our life experiences. And to an extent I agree that what we’ve been through, good or bad, comes to bear in shaping the uniqueness that we present to the world on a daily basis.

Yet, there are others who break into a sweat when confronted with questions of this matter. They’ve never thought about it at any length and have no idea about how to articulate a good answer. It is likely the fact that whatever was “pre-defined” for them is what they execute masterfully – sometimes to their own detriment. Patterns are adhered to that many of use do not necessarily agree with, believe in or even want anymore. Insanity has potential to set in here by continuing in this Stepford-like mindset. How do you break free? It starts with realizing who you really are—and it is not limited to your past.

Some of us emerged from punishing lives marked by scars, bad memories, personality complexes and broken dreams. Precisely why a God hook-up is needed. Yet, even with His stroke of favor courage is still a requirement to exist according to God ordained purpose. Anyone can stick with the current traffic patterns of their life. But, to turn off on an unpaved road and carve out your own takes a certain amount of audacity.

Thing is, when you diverge off to carve out your own road to purpose, the God connection is paramount. Since He is the one who designed you, the defined plan that you are supposed to execute is already embedded in your DNA. Truth is, you can’t make bring this divine strategy to fruition without Him. I know, you’re thinking about all of the people who appear to be making things happen without Him. My thing is, what they could accomplish if God were active in their lives would be magnificently greater.

When you have God as your partner in fulfilling your destiny, He informs you about who you really are, what you are designed to do and the best way to get it done to achieve maximum success. When Christ comes into our lives we are new creations. So then the basis for who we are is tied to Him and what He has done for us. We are no longer limited to what happened in the past, nor are we limited to the education we’ve obtained. With Christ on the throne, our future now has a target to hit and He helps us aim.

Sword Sharpener: 2 Corinthians 5

©2012 LR Rodgers All Rights Reserved.


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