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Does your mind go into a tailspin because your plans were hijacked? Do you get stressed and frustrated by the adjustments that have to be made as a result? Do you throw your hands up and say: “forget it”? Or, can you view the shift as a part of life and fall in line?

Believe it or not, even minor changes can wreak havoc in people’s lives. Most are able to adjust and keep on going. But what about life altering change—the kind that causes you to live your life in an entirely new way? Change that is more than an inconvenience or interruption, but more like a pivot in your direction; a milestone in your existence; a monumental shift in your course? What is your reaction when you recognize a life changing “edit” to your path? Do you become embittered or angry? Do you try to wrestle and fight against the shift? Or, does this change bring about a new set of opportunities; a new way of thinking; a new way of doing; a new way of being; a new way of life?

Paul faced exactly this type of experience on the road to Damascus. He purposed and even made arrangements to shackle, persecute and jail any Disciples of Christ (male or female), if they crossed his path. But en route to his destination, he was hijacked and the event changed his life. On that road, he did not encounter any followers of Christ, instead he came into the presence of Christ Himself.

Considering Paul’s intentions and obvious determination, his reaction to Jesus was quite interesting. He did not try to fight, argue or complain. He did not try to press his need to fulfill his plan. And he didn’t try to get passed Jesus. Immediately, Paul fell in line with God’s true purpose and plan for his life.

That’s really the bottom line. When the dust that change kicks up settles, God’s purpose for our lives will manifest if we do not harden ourselves to His “adjustments”. Paul was able to do this—yield to change. As hardened and violent a man as he was toward Christians, he was still obedient at the word of Jesus. As a result, the purpose and plan that God had for his life trumped his own.

What a dramatic shift occurred in Paul’s life!  He went from being a mercenary, terrorist and persecutor of Christians, to being a healer, deliverer and faithful servant of Christ. What a powerful message Paul’s experience speaks to those of us who have lived at the extreme boundaries of life. One word from Jesus can turn your entire life around, regardless of your history!  A powerful change like Paul’s can happen for anyone who is willing to believe and obey the bidding of Christ: to accept His plans and forsake their own.

Sword Sharpener: Acts 9 

©2012 LR Rodgers All Rights Reserved.


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