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The Dream Giver

And the angel of God spake unto me in a dream [saying], Jacob: And I said, Here am I.

Genesis 31:11

Weaving through the hectic course of our daily routines, many of us have forfeited the pursuit of our own personal hopes, dreams and visions. The pull of life’s cares has distracted us from “seeing” into the unseen and bringing what we saw back into the natural through activation of our faith. With all of our energy being focused on getting things done, taking the time to dream and strategize has been scheduled out of our lives. Somehow our dreams have been placed into a vicious cycle of reprioritization, always being shuffled to the bottom of our “to do” lists. (And we all know that the things at the bottom of our “to do” lists rarely get done.) But, I challenge you today to reprioritize some of the other “tasks” in your life and create time to revisit, focus, plan and develop the dreams that God gave you.

Now the dreams that God gives are different from “bright ideas” and “bandwagon” trends that fade out like the embers of a fire. The dreams that God gives are those that you lay down with at night and wake up with in the morning. His dreams are those that you had before you married “him” or “her”, before the children came, before the “job” that just pays the bills, before all of the current activities in your life began consuming the bulk of your time and attention. God’s dreams are those that continue to press on your heart when you stumble upon moments of silence. His dreams are those that rekindle themselves and your desire to accomplish them with the simple passing of a thought, or the fleeting memory of your initial plans to make it happen. His dreams are those that never die. They are always being pressed back to the forefront of your mind—not because you have a good memory, not just because you saw something that reminded you of it, but because God wants to bring the dream to pass in your life. He is prodding you so that you will stop ignoring, refiling and dismissing it, so that you will begin to do something to make it happen.

Often, we turn away from our dreams because they seem too daunting or “more than we can chew”. But you must realize that these characteristics are the fingerprints of the dreams that God gives. His dreams will always be more than you can handle, because He does not want you to try to pursue it in your own strength. He wants you to call on Him—and truth be told—you will not see that dream manifest the way that it is supposed to without God’s intervention. Sure, you could try to do it without Him, but whatever is produced will pale drastically to the result that God had purposed. So what if your efforts produced a million dollar business? It may sadden you to know that, had you consulted the Dream Giver, it would have been a billion-dollar business. Don’t underestimate God’s involvement with your dreams. Remember, He’s the giver and already knows the outcome.

So, what is the dream that God gave you? Is it to write a book or a song? Maybe it is to open a restaurant or catering business? Possibly a daycare center? Maybe to be at home with your children? Designing your own line of clothing? Whatever it is, seek God for direction in pursuing it. Ask Him the right questions regarding it and then listen, look and expect His response. Allow the consuming fire of God to burn up your inhibitions and excuses. Let His fresh fire rekindle your passion to pursue your dreams and watch them manifest right before your eyes. When He calls to you in a dream, what will your response be to Him?

Sword Sharpener: Habakkuk 2:2-4

© 2012 LR Rodgers  All Rights Reserved.


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