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Resting In God’s Arms

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him, fret not thyself because of the man who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass. 

Psalm 37:7

Without exception, it happens to everyone: we are walking with God, trusting and believing Him, being obedient, worshipping and praising Him when…WHAM!! We are reminded that we have a true enemy who has manipulated someone close to do us wrong. And the offense we suffer is not a minor infraction. No, this is major!  We have truly been hurt.

Now, all we can think about is ‘why?’ and for some people, ‘how do I get them back?’  Well, neither of these is the appropriate response for this situation, particularly the second one. Yet, it is here—in the emblazoned heat of fiery trial—that God looks for us to run to His arms for safety, comfort and rest in Him.  While our flesh may be urged to retaliate or delve into the hole of self-pity and complaining, there is a better way.

Trust God to make this situation work for your good. It does not matter how underhanded or sneaky the tactic or offense, we must be spiritually mature enough in God to exercise self-control, have faith that He will deal justly with all involved, and finally wait for Him to move. It is quite easy to find ourselves in the middle of a sticky situation just because we lacked the patience for God to work things out in His timing.

Surely, God sees our situation and He will not forget.  But, we should move forward in our Christian walk and leave the matter to the One who can handle things appropriately.

Rest assured that our Father will take care of us when we lean on Him.

Sword Sharpener: Psalm 37


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