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A Path and A Purpose

But He knoweth the way that I take; when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. 

Job 23:10

Do you know that nothing just happens in your life? All events and occurrences have been orchestrated to direct you toward a desired end. Consider that all objects have a course or process to follow in order to become what the object’s creator originally intended for it to be. The same principle applies to you.

There is a course that you must go through in order for you to become – at the end – who God intended for you to become, from the beginning. God has a path and an ultimate purpose for your life. Consider Joseph, his path led him into slavery, rejection and false accusation, but His purpose was fulfilled when he was able to deliver his family from famine. Rahab had a path that was not smoothly paved. Prostitution and deception spotted her course, yet that did not stop the Hand of God on her life to live out her true destiny. The lineage of Jesus Christ had to pass through her womb. Even for Jesus, His path led Him to crucifixion. But this was absolutely necessary for His God-ordained purpose to be fulfilled – to restore the Kingdom of God in the earth.

Of the examples above, it is clear that everyone’s path was not always comfortable, challenge-free or without peril. But the key is that they stayed on God’s course for their life, trusting Him by holding to His word and His character. The choice they made to believe Him led them to their ultimate God-purpose for their lives. They became who God had originally intended for them to be.

Recognize that God knows the way that you take and your intended end. If you can trust Him and follow His lead, He will guide you into your God ordained destiny.

Sword Sharpener: Psalm 23 


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